December 28, 2020

Master Enterprise Sales Qualification with MEDDPIC | Free MEDDPIC Tool

An enterprise sales qualification method to improve forecasting accuracy and ulitimately your ability to close the deal.

Online MEDDPIC Template | Free MEDDPIC TOOL

There are many sales qualification methodologies floating around. BANT, SANDLER, SPIN, etc. I've been leading sales teams for most of my career, even built a company that created sales technology for thousands of companies, and I've been impressed with how MEDDPIC cuts right to the chase.


The 7 Steps of Enterprise Sales Qualification with MEDDPIC:

  1. M for METRICS - What is the economic impact of the solution?
  2. E for Economic Buyer - Who is the budget holder?
  3. D for Decision Criteria - What is the criteria used to compare vendors offerings?
  4. D for Decision Process - What is the process used to select & purchase an offering?
  5. P for Paper Process - The internal paper process
  6. I for Identified Pain - What is their pain?  What are the consequences of this pain?
  7. C for Champion - Who has power and influence in driving the opportunity?

Run your enterprise opportunity through this MEDDPIC Online Template

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Gidon Wise