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SWOT Analysis Tool & Templates

Online SWOT Analysis tools, templates, and action plans to help you build and execute a winning strategy.
SWOT Analysis Online Template - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
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SWOT Analysis Tool

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Three Templates for Every SWOT Analysis Project

SWOT Analysis Online Template
SWOT Analysis Plan Template
SWOT Analysis Board Template

SWOT Analysis Collaboration Reimagined

SWOT Analysis Collaboration

Fit to a Single Page

Brainstorm the full spectrum of ideas but always keep the focus on the top set of items
Focus on what matters

Invite Team Members to Vote

Vote on the top items by starring your top choices. Sort your project by Vote.
Strategic Focus

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View just the items that matter most. Change the conversation dynamically.

What is SWOT Analysis

A SWOT Analysis is a self assessment methodology: you apply the SWOT methodology to yourself, your company or your project to better understand your current situation and to support your personal, professional, or company development.

You should consider to do a SWOT periodically, at least once a year - ideally every quarter, and in particular if you are trying to assess where you stand, for example, in relation to future vision, personal ambitions, or project expectations.

Conducting a SWOT Analysis will help you clarify your objectives, make you more aware of how achievable they are, and allow you to figure out what you need to do to achieve them.

How to Perform the Perfect SWOT


Define the mission for your team or project to serve as a clear objective for your SWOT Analysis

Based on your mission, perform a SWOT Analysis to analyze your current situation?  Perform a SWOT Analysis


What internal strengths can you leverage today to help you achieve your mission?


What internal weaknesses exist today that you must overcome to achieveyour mission?


What external opportunities, trends, forces, resources, could you take advantage of to achieve your mission?


What external threats or risks could get in your way and prevent you from achieving your mission?

SWOT Analysis conclusion, what must we do in the next 90 days to make progress against our mission?

Based on your conclusion, what are the top 3 priorities you must focus on over the next 90 days? Create a Plan
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