December 28, 2020

V2MOM Goals

Building Cascading Goals with the SWOT Analysis V2MOM System. Built-in Sub-Plans to Connect Your Entire Organization.

Create a V2MOM

Cascading V2MOM Goals

Let's start with a business that runs on the V2MOM format. V2MOM was originally designed by Salesforce and has been credited with helping to drive their success since their launch in 1999. Here is an example of the original Salesforce V2MOM.

Create Top Level V2MOM

It starts with the leadership team performing their own V2mom, essentially the companies V2MOM.

V2MOM Goals

Add a section called "Team Plans"

Click the plus icon at the bottom of the V2MOM plan to add a new section

Create a Team Section to Your V2MOM

Cascade with Sub-plans

Next using the Sub-plans feature to cascade down to other team level plans. Create a new item and start by typing the forward slash / to see all sub-plans

Cascade Using Sub-Plans

Team Level V2MOM with Sub-Plans

This is what your V2MOM with cascading sub-plans will look like. All scores will auto updated from all sub-plans. Click the blue sub-plan icon to the right of the item to view the sub-plan.

View sub-plan

V2MOM Matrix View

Every V2MOM has three built-in views.

V2MOM Matrix View

V2MOM Board View
V2MOM Board View

Mobile Optimized V2MOM
V2MOM Mobile Optimized

Repeat with all Teams

Repeat this process at all levels and teams until you reach individual contributors.

The beauty of the SWOT Analysis V2MOM system is everyone's can see a running feed showing all updates to all V2MOM scores, colors, and items.

V2MOM Activity Feed

Our goal is to help every team to achieve outstanding outcomes. Create your V2MOM now.

Learn more: V2MOM Online Guide

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