December 28, 2020

Create a Custom Template

Learn how to create, publish, and feature a custom strategic framework for repeat use and team wide use.

Create Framework

Custom Template

A powerful aspect of the platform is it allows you to design your own custom strategic template. You can design, publish and feature a strategic template for your entire team to leverage in everyday decisions. You can build your own templates for interviewing job candidates, templates for building out quarterly goals, templates for thinking through new product design, templates for thinking through how to make business decisions, and many more.


Let us show you how. Start by clicking on the Create Link in the navigation. From the template library page, click project plan.

make a template


Next, design, your custom strategic framework. Choose the section titles, choose the covers, enter any additional text.

Design a template
Design a template


By clicking on the Settings icon in the upper right, you can edit your project settings. Click on the blue link that says defined project details make this a template.

Edit template
Edit template


From here you can choose which category to feature your template and you can also choose if you want to feature it on the main template page when your team clicks on create.

Publish a Template
Publish template


Your new template is now featured in the template library for repeat use. If you want your whole team to be able to leverage this template, please update the visibility settings tp "Team- whole team can view."

Featured Template

Try it yourself. Please contact us if you need help.

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