December 19, 2020

OKRs - What are Objectives?

We make understanding OKRs "Objectives" easy.

OKR Template


OKRs have been most the most widely adopted goal methodologies in Silicon Valley. Embraced by Intel, Google, Linkedin, and thousands of other businesses. The key to OKRs is that you focus on an aspirational objective and the outcomes, not the activities that are expected as the measure of success.


What do I want to achieve. Does this get you out of bed everyday?

Key Result

How will I know if I were successful

Now for some of the magic of OKRs:

  1. Your Objective is a single sentence
  2. Qualitative and Inspirational - leave the metrics in the key results
  3. Get people jumping out of bed in the morning with excitement
  4. Time Bound, for example, doable in a month, a quarter
  5. Clear push toward a goal
  6. Actionable by the team on their own
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Gidon Wise