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How do I add additional people to collaborate on a SWOT Analysis?

Click on the "invite" link from within any active SWOT and enter the email addresses of the users you would like to invite to your SWOT.

What type of SWOT categories do you recommend?

Product SWOTs (what are we selling?)
Process SWOTs  (how are we selling it?, how are we operating?)
Customer SWOTs (to whom are we selling it?)
Distribution SWOTs (how does it reach them?)
Finance SWOTs (what are the prices, costs and investments?)

How long will my SWOT stay active?

As a SWOTanalysis subscriber your SWOTs will remain active for as long as your plan remains active.  You can refer back to your SWOTs at anytime.  They are stored in a secure cloud for easy access from any computer or mobile device.


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