V2MOM Analysis

Inspired by Marc Benioff's V2MOM Annual Planning Exercise
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Use SWOT Analysis to Evaluate Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
Use PEST Analysis to focus on Political, Economic, Social, and Technological factors
Use GAP Analysis to understand your current state and where you would like to be
Use Stop, Start, Continue Analysis to analyze what's working, what's not working
Use Pros and Cons Analysis to strategically vet any decision
Use WHY Analysis, inspired by Simon Sinek's Ted Talk, to focus on "purpose"
Use V2MOM Analysis inspired by the CEO of Salesforce to set annual goals
Use Problem Analysis to solve problems by focusing on the cause and effects
Use an Alignment Analysis to solidify your purpose, mission, goals, and core values
Use an Argument Analysis to analyzing differing points of view in a non-emotional way
Use Candidate Analysis to make better hiring decisions 


What's really important about your vision?  What are the values that are going to guide your vision?


How do you get it? How are you going to achieve your vision.  What specific actions you are going to take?


What might stand in the way?  What's preventing you from getting there?  Be very specific.


How will you know when you have it?  How would you know if you succeeded?  What are the numbers?

What is V2MOM Analysis?

Marc Benioff, Co-founder and CEO of Salesforce, developed a process for setting annual goals called V2MOM. Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, Measures.  Each year he creates a new V2MOM and shares it with the entire company.  Each leader and every employee also creates and published their own annual V2MOM plan.   If you are looking to drive tremendous scale, clarity, and focus - V2MOM might just be the solution for you.

How to Perform a V2MOM Analysis

1  Create a V2MOM Analysis Online

Send out your online V2MOM Analysis to everyone involved in the brainstorming process. 

2  Set a clear and compelling VISION as your V2MOM objective: What do you want?

A clear objective is critical to a successful V2MOM Analysis.  Example objective "Rapidly create a world-class internet company/site for sales force automation".  When your objective is clear everyone should be able to describe it in a consistent manner and can visualize what success looks like.

3  Brainstom your Values, Methods, Obstacles, and Measures

List out as many factors as your team can brainstorm for each area. Then rate the top items by clicking on the star to float them to the top.

4  Publish your completed V2MOM plan with your entire company

After you collect your team's input we recommend you share your completed V2MOM with your entire company.  Publish it to your intranet/slack channel so everyone can be inspired by the work your team is setting out to accomplish.

Online V2MOM Analysis Template

V2MOM Analysis Examples


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