Candidate Hiring Analysis

Best way to collectively summarize a candidates qualification for a new role

+ Create 
Use SWOT Analysis to Evaluate Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
Use PEST Analysis to focus on Political, Economic, Social, and Technological factors
Use GAP Analysis to understand your current state and where you would like to be
Use Stop, Start, Continue Analysis to analyze what's working, what's not working
Use Pros and Cons Analysis to strategically vet any decision
Use WHY Analysis, inspired by Simon Sinek's Ted Talk, to focus on "purpose"
Use V2MOM Plan inspired by the CEO of Salesforce to set annual goals
Use Problem Analysis to solve problems by focusing on the cause and effects
Use an Alignment Analysis to solidify your purpose, mission, goals, and core values
Use an Vision & Mission Analysis to create your vision, mission, purpose, and values
Use Candidate Analysis to make better hiring decisions 
Use Sprint Retrospective Analysis to analyze what went well and what went wrong

What is Candidate Hiring Analysis?

A better way to make hiring decisions.  Use the Candidate Analysis methodology to help produce well-rounded and structured feedback on job candidates.  It's critical to make sure each candidate has what it takes when it comes to skills to do the job, the character to fit in with your culture, the experience in the actual role, and has real results to show for their past work.  One hiring manager told us that he always looks for someone that has done something exception in their past - proving that they can commit themselves to  a passion and product results.  Keep this in mind when you review candidates experience and results - sometime it might be from an experience that is outside the role but validates they can focus and deliver.


What standout skills does this candidate have that best match the role?


What standout character attributes does this candidate have that best compliment the role?


What experience does this candidate have in performing the role?  List specific experience.


What standout results has this candidate achieved?  List specific results.

How to Perform a Candidate Analysis

1  Set a clear objective

A clear hiring objective is critical to a successful Candidate Analysis.  Example objective "to hire someone to fill the Marketing Director role and help our company become a world-class field marketing organization".  When your objective is clear everyone should be able to describe it in a consistent manner and can visualize what success looks like.

2  Create an online Candidate Analysis & invite your team to share their input

Use this online Candidate Analysis TempIate and invite your team to share their input and rate the top ideas.

3  Brainstorm on the candidates Skills, Character, Experience, and Results

List out as many factors as your team can brainstorm for each section. Then rate the top items by clicking on the star to float them to the top.

4  Make the hire/pass decision

After collecting and discussing the feedback from all individuals that interviewed the candidate - if any questions sill stand out we recommend a lunch or meal with the candidate to do a final discussion.  Remember its always better to spend the extra time upfront then dealing with a bad hiring decisions.  

When to use a Candidate Analysis?

Any Specified Objective

For any hiring decision where you are interviewing candidates and need a structured and well-rounded approach to reviewing qualifications.

Pre Interview Prep

Get everyone on the same page about how you will review the candidates qualifications.

Interview Process

Consider dividing and conquering and having select interviewers focus extra effort on a particular section.

Candidate Expecations

Your candidate will be happy to see you conduct a more broad and structured interview by focusing equally on all more sections.

HR Expectations

HR will now have easy to access records to review the collective groups input on a candidate

Culture fit

Culture fit will play a bigger roles vs just their past results.

Online Candidate Analysis Template

Candidate Analysis Examples

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